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This agreement is for leasing the space described above to the Occupant for the purpose of storing and removing personal property, and expressly incorporates all Terms and Conditions contained below. By signing this Rental Agreement, the undersigned acknowledges having read the Terms and Conditions herein contained and agrees to be contractually bound thereby. Monthly Rent: Monthly rent as identified above is payable in advance on or before the 1st day of each calendar month at the address of the Owner as set forth above. Fees and Service Charges: Monthly rent which is not paid or postmarked by the 10th day of the month is subject to a late fee of Ten and No/100 ($10.00). In the event any check tendered for payment to Owner is returned after deposit unpaid by the bank upon which it is drawn, a return check fee of Thirty and No/100 Dollars ($30.00) will be charged. Use of Premises: Occupant’s use of the space rented is for purposes of personal property storage only. Occupant may not store on the premises any items which would be injurious to the premises or which would be in any way dangerous to persons or property in or around the premises. No items may be stored upon the premises which would violate Owner’s premises’ insurance overages or cause Owner’s property insurance rates to increase. No explosives or highly flammable materials may be stored on the premises, and the storage of any materials which are defined as toxic or hazardous under any federal, state, or local law or ordinance is expressly prohibited. Occupant may conduct no business activity upon the premises, but may use the common grounds solely for the purpose of coming and going to store or remove items of their personal property. All personal property items must be stored within the rented space. Occupant herewith expressly agrees to indemnify and hold Owner harmless from and against any claims or damages arising from Occupant’s Violation of the provisions of the paragraph. Insurance: OWNER DOES NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR ANY LOSS, FROM ANY CAUSE, TO ANY PERSONAL PROPERTY OWNED BY THE OCCUPANT AND STORED ON THE PREMISES. If insurance coverage is desired by Occupant over Occupant’s personal property stored on the premises, Occupant must independently obtain such coverage at Occupant’s expense from Occupant’s own insurer. Owner shall have no liability for any loss or damage to any property of Occupant stored on the premises, or otherwise, caused by acts of third parties, by any forces of nature, or otherwise. Default: In the event Occupant fails to pay monthly rent when due, and the failure is not cured within thirty (30) days, owner may elect to pursue one or more of the following legal remedies: A. Claim for money damages or unpaid monthly rental and additional fees. 
 B. Judicial action in unlawful detainer for a Writ of restitution. 
 C. Foreclosure of personal property pursuant of North Dakota Statutes 35.33.01–35.33.1
 Except to extent limited by law, Owner may simultaneously pursue any of the above-referenced remedies. Upon Owner’s commencement of legal proceedings against Occupant arising from a default, any cure tendered by occupant shall include all monthly rental arrearages and other charges accrued, and reimbursement of all expenses reasonably incurred by Owner in the enforcement of the legal remedies identified above. Lien: In accordance with North Dakota law, Owner possesses a lien against the personal property stored pursuant to this Agreement for rent, labor and other charges in relation to the personal property that have become due and for expenses necessary for the preservation of the personal property or reasonably incurred in the sale or other disposition of the personal property under law. This lien may be foreclosed in accordance with the provisions of North Dakota Statutes 35.33.01–35.33.10, and the personal property sold to satisfy the monetary claims of Owner which have accrued. In the event of a default giving rise to the assertion of a personal property lien, owner may deny to Occupant access to the personal property contained in the storage facility after default and after notice thereof. Notwithstanding the assertion of a personal property lien, access to Occupant’s personal papers, health aids, personal clothing, and personal property necessary for Occupant’s livelihood may be obtained by Occupant provided that such items have a market value of less than Fifty and No/100 Dollars ($50.00) per item, and provided that Occupant presents a list of such items to the Owner which Occupant desires to remove from the premises. Expiration of Term: This Rental Agreement is designated as a month-to-month agreement, either Owner or Occupant may terminate the Agreement by providing no less than thirty (30) days advance written notice to terminate the Agreement effective as of the last day of any given month. Any such written notice is untimely, as evidenced by such postmark, in such event the Agreement shall terminate on the last day of the next month for which such notice would be timely. Owner shall have no obligation to provide any prorated rent refunds in the event the premises are vacated by Occupant prior to the end of the any month for which the rental payment has been paid. This rental Agreement shall automatically terminate in the event of Occupant’s default in payment or performance hereunder, subject only to prompt complete cure of any such default. Care of Leased Space: Occupant shall keep the leased space in good condition and repair, subject only to reasonable wear and tear. Occupant may not make any alterations to the leased space without the prior written consent of Owner. Occupant has accepted the space in a broom-clean condition, and is required to leave the space in broom-clean condition at the termination of this Agreement. Occupant to provide it’s own locks and insure that the unit remains locked at all times. Occupant is responsible for snow and ice removal directly in front of your doorway. Breach: Any breach of this agreement by Occupant, may result in the forfeiture of Occupant’s Security Deposit. Exclusion of Warranties: Owner’s agents and employees are not authorized to make warranties about the leased space or facility. Oral statements given by Owner, Owner’s agents or employees, are not warranties. No such oral statements are a part of this Agreement. The entire Agreement and contractual undertaking between the parties is contained in this written Agreement. Any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and all other warranties, expressed or implied, are excluded from this transaction, and do not apply to the leased space or the premises.
 Miscellaneous: This Agreement cannot be assigned or sublet without the prior written approval of Owner. In the even the premises are damaged or destroyed by fire or other casualty, this Agreement shall terminate as of the date of such occurrence, and any unused rent will be refunded. The Rental Agreement created no legal relationship between Owner and Occupant other than that of lessor and lessee. No waiver by Owner of any failure or refusal to comply with the obligations of this Agreement on any one occasion shall be deemed a waiver of any other subsequent failure or refusal to so comply. 
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Self-Storage Tips:

1.    Again, our insurance WILL NOT cover your possessions.  Please make sure your insurance will cover the contents of your unit.

2.   We do have professional pest control, but you are welcome to place poisons or traps inside your unit to help keep the critters away.  Dryer sheets in your boxes, will help keep insects and spiders away.

3.   Use pallets to keep your things off the bare concrete floors.  You are welcome to use any pallets stored outside of the buildings.

4.   We do not have a theft problem, but there is always a first time.  Use a strong lock.  We recommend the round shape ones, they are much more difficult to cut off.

5.   We remove snow from the lots as soon as possible after a snow fall.  You are responsible to keep your doorway free of snow and ice.  Preventing ice build-up in front of your door will help insure water is not able to run into the unit.  Especially during the spring thaw.

6.   Use sheets, blankets, drop cloths or moving blankets to cover your furniture.  Do not use plastic, it traps moisture inside.

7.   Avoid using plastic bags, things inside can mildew from the trapped moisture.

8.   Keep an inventory.  Not only will it help you remember what you have stored, it could come in handy if you did need to file an insurance claim.

9.   Yard sales are permitted, but only with prior permission.